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We study plant development, with an emphasis on the roles of natural small molecules, receptor-like proteins/kinases and plant small secretory peptides in the regulation of stem cell signalling, organ initiation and pattern formation. We mainly work with the model plant Arabidopsis, but also with poplar and wheat. Ultimately we expect to transfer the knowledge obtained from our studies into agronomical important food crops to breed and optimize crops for better yield.

The group was founded in May 2012, then was intermitted unfortunately for two years from May 2013 to May 2015. The group was officially started in May 2015 again. Therefore our group is still extreme tiny and very premature. We expect that our group will grow up much stronger in coming years. We are part of National Engineering Laboratory for Resource Developing of Endangered Chinese Crude Drugs in Northwest of China and Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education for Medicinal Plant Resource and Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

The group thanks a number of generous funding agencies and key collaborators for making it all possible! READ MORE>>>